About us

People Are Strange is created from the sunny Spanish city of Alicante by:

+ Australian writer Koren Helbig and
+ Spanish illustrator and translator Isa Sodric.

+ + +

Koren is terrified of velvet. Even the thought of touching the stuff makes her recoil with horror. Shopping in secondhand stores is a special kind of hell – you just never know when your fingers might accidentally brush across some hidden, horrid piece of velvet.

Isa suffers from “inverted vertigo”. She feels kind of scared when walking beneath huge things, like tall statues. Maybe she’s worried they’ll fall on top of her, especially in high winds, and she’ll be trapped there … forever.

We know they are irrational, deep-rooted and very, very strange fears.

But we’re not alone. We’ve discovered other people, too, are scared of the strangest things. Olive pits. Popsicle sticks. Full bathtubs. And, like us, they often can’t really explain why. How fascinating. How strange.

Here are their stories – tales of incredibly strange things that real people find really scary.

~ Koren and Isa

+ + +